Named the most frequent breakdowns of the iPhone X

Named the most frequent breakdowns of the iPhone X

The iPhone X was probably Apple’s most anticipated smartphone of all time. And when he came out, he became almost the most desired phone. But does this mean that the new product has become more reliable than previous generations of the iPhone?

Long way to Olympus

At first, users had a lot of questions about the design of the iPhone X. Many could not accept the “cut” for sensors in the upper part of the device. But after a while, when a wave of discontent passed, most got used to this “brow”, and now no one is looking with surprise at this smartphone. Moreover, competitors with might and main copy this element for their phones.

More than six months have passed since the start of sales, so now service centers can answer the most frequently asked questions about the iPhone X. How often do they bring? What are the most common problems with the device? What is the cost of certain types of work? We asked our partner, the ModMac service center, to shed light on some of them.

How popular is the iPhone X?
A relatively recent rumor went on the Web that the sales of Apple’s phone were too high, and that all the information about the transcendental profits of the company was only a competent advertising campaign. However, the opposite information is confirmed by market analysts and representatives of ModMac.

According to experts, the iPhone X is the first of all the new products from Apple, which is so often brought to the service center. This model is repaired four times more often than the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus combined. The device is obviously very popular among users. If we compare the number of iPhones 7 brought in for repair in the first six months of sales, the iPhone X and here significantly wins over its predecessors.

How reliable is the iPhone X?

As for breakdowns, there is almost nothing has changed in comparison with the older models. Approximately half of the clients come with a broken front glass of the iPhone X. The problem is that the matrix on the latest iPhone is much worse in terms of reliability and quality than other Apple smartphones. Therefore, stripes often begin to appear on the display, and even after a minor hit, the screen begins to “swim”. And the matter here is unlikely in the technology of OLED, as with smartphones from other manufacturers with the same type of matrixes, there is no such massive problem.

Apple has long been asked to add wireless charging to the iPhone. And in the last generation of the smartphone, they nevertheless decided to add this function, due to which the back panel had to be made glass, and this did not very well affect the reliability of the device. Approximately one-third of all iPhone X problems are related to a broken back panel. It is not necessary to completely change the body. The rear window, albeit not very easy, but still you can change separately, and it will cost less than replacing the case.

After Apple added moisture protection to the iPhone 7, the “flooded” devices should be much smaller. But, unfortunately, it is not. According to experts, water ingested can damage the voice speaker plume. It can be replaced with the same original cable, but even after that the Face ID face recognition system will stop working. The problem is that Apple, having released its latest updates, has limited the repair of this component. And when opening the iPhone, this particular train is easiest to damage an inexperienced master.

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