How to come up with a domain name?

How to come up with a domain name?

Now startups appear quite often, and each blogger considers it his duty to start a standalone blog. As a result, there is some lack of imagination to come up with a short, sonorous and memorable domain name. It is desirable that also on the topic.

DOTOMATOR service was created just to boost your imagination when choosing a domain name.

Its essence is as follows. You select the name prefix. For example: “Tech” or “Colors”. Then go to the suffix selection. Then click on “Combine” and get a list of a huge number of different domain names.

For example, this is what happens if you select “Web 2.0 Words” as the prefix, and “Places” as the suffix:

Babblecosm, blogcosm, mydom, riffloft … And about two hundred more of that.

Not bad. Here, on the site, you can immediately check which of the proposed domain names are available for registration, and which are already taken.

Site in English. But it’s not scary. Domain names are also only in English.

You can buy brandable domain names here :

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