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In this article, we will look at not only the aspect of a job at LinkedIn, but also three other ways to find lists of positions that are hidden in plain sight.

Find Jobs on LinkedIn
LinkedIn offers many ways to find jobs.

1. Advice on working with LinkedIn
Jobs, one of the LinkedIn main menu items, provides you with several ways to access the many ads that employers and recruiters pay LinkedIn, as well as others that the site brings together from across the Internet.

By making things very simple, the site guides you through a process whereby you can create your own profile of what job you are looking for, based on location, industry, etc. Of course, you can change your profile to your liking, but, however, it will determine which LinkedIn ads will feed you.After clicking on the Jobs link in the menu at the top of most LinkedIn pages, you can search for jobs by name, keyword, or company (employer) and location.

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After you type a query and click the Search button, notice the options LinkedIn offers you in the right column of the results page. You can focus your search results on specific employers (a.k.a. “Company”) and locations. LinkedIn also offers additional interesting filters, such as the job posting date (starting from the last 24 hours to the default “at any time”), experience level (from entry level to executive), to a job function that depends on your initial search.

It is a good idea to start with a fairly broad search with a limited number of parameters, and then add or filter results (i.e. Tasks published this week for specific employers) until you get a reasonable number of positions that you can fruitfully explore.

2. Update feed
The center of your LinkedIn homepage is dedicated to updates. Here you will not only see articles in which the Pulse function thinks that it will interest you, but in more detail in this article you will see updates on the status of your connections. Take time to regularly review these updates.

Often you will find recruiters, hiring managers, or staff members posting something like “Looking to hire XXX” with a link to a description of the role you need to fill out.

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Try searching for updates (or “posts”) using hashtags, such as #jobs, #hiring, #salesjobs, or something suitable for your job search. Not every update will post vacancies, but many will.

3. Groups
You can join up to 100 LinkedIn groups at any given time. There are groups based on everything imaginable: college graduates, location, skill set, job function, industry, hobbies, etc. Many groups exist to help people find a job.
To find groups, click the Jobs grid icon in the upper right corner of most LinkedIn pages, and a drop-down image opens, offering several options. The following are options for groups.

Click the “Jobs” link to find a job published specifically for this group.

4. Company pages
There are a lot of companies on LinkedIn. Find them by typing the company name in the search bar at the top of the page.

Most often, company pages are used for branding employers. In other words, they create the best image of this company as the desired place to work. As a rule, there will be a list of open jobs in the company or a link to the company’s employment portal on its website, where all open positions are indicated. You can find information about companies in the Interests main menu at the top of LinkedIn, or you can search for companies.

Now that you have found a job opening, do not apply!

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Of course, the simple task is to simply apply several tasks in a short period of time by clicking “Apply” many times. But when you do this, you will make a sharp jump into an uncharted black hole. And then you, as a rule, cannot guarantee that your resume will really be read by the responsible person.

Instead, take more time with every great job prospect. Use LinkedIn features to find out who posted this job, and who you may know or will be associated with, works for the company. Build these contacts in network partners.

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Most companies have some kind of special bonus program for employees, and it will be “win-win” for you and your company, if he / she brings your resume to the center of attention of the hiring manager or staff assigned to fill the position, you minimize the likelihood that your resume will disappear in pairs, and increase the likelihood that your credentials will be

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