water dropped iphone
Flooded iPhone 6 Plus
It is clear that the repair of the iPhone 6 Plus in this case can not be called easy, but, which is nice, it is still possible.Disassemble the iPhone and get a fee
First you need to disassemble the iPhone. To do this, unscrew the two screws near the Lightning connector and carefully remove the display module.
Вскрытый iPhone 6 Plus
Unlocked iPhone 6 Plus
This is what the Apple Tablet without top cover looks like. As you can see, most of the space inside the iPhone is occupied by the rechargeable battery.

 IPhone Not  Charging.

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water dropped iphone
iPhone 6 Plus without a cover
Next, remove the shielding plates and phablet antenna, remove the motherboard.
water dropped iphone
water dropped iphone
Motherboard removed
As a rule, it is the motherboard that requires serious repair or replacement after exposure to water. Here is the “motherboard”.
water dropped iphone
Материнская плата

Before proceeding with the repair, you need to assess how oxidized the various elements of the motherboard.

First, metal shielding plates are removed from the circuit board, and then each element is called for damage. In our case, the iPhone 6 Plus has a malfunctioning battery connector.

Damage recovery
Flux is applied to the motherboard, after which the damage is eliminated with a small soldering iron.

water dropped iphone
Applying flux before soldering
water dropped iphone
Soldering motherboard
If the remaining elements of the board are intact, the repair can be considered finished.It remains to collect phablet and check his work. In our case, the smartphone turned on, but there was another breakdown here: the touchscreen did not respond to the touch, and lights appeared at the bottom of the screen.You can repair your iphone in this service : https://rocketfix.com/