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Today, Internet commerce is already quite developed. Online you can not only download something, chat with people and watch movies, but also buy goods. This is convenient for many people, since it is possible to choose absolutely any product at a small price, without leaving home.

That is why the network began to appear a lot of online stores. Some businessmen open their real business selling goods via the Internet, others work according to the dropshipping scheme. But they all need a site directory with goods for trade. And in order for customers to learn about the online store, it must be properly promoted.

So, six steps to self-test readiness to promote an online store.

Store promotion begins with a test of its readiness. First, all links must be working, i.e. “Clickable” and lead to the right places. Secondly, all pictures for products must be correctly displayed. Thirdly, all products should be literate optimized descriptions with all the characteristics.

Necessarily must function feedback. It is advisable to place the store on a paid hosting. It is also necessary to make sure that the payment systems work. In other words, before starting the site you need to check all the operation to the smallest detail.

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It is important. You must write (or buy) a lot of literate unique content. On the main page of the store there should be a unique “selling” article of an advertising character. It is better to order this text from a professional copywriter. Separately for each product you need to write descriptions. All texts and photos must be unique, otherwise you can get under the filter.

Absolutely all pages of an online store should be optimized for specific search queries. Often for the selection of keywords using the service “Wordstat”. In this way, you can find out what specific requests for an online store product are most often entered into search engines by users.

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Between all pages of the online store should be the correct linking. This improves site indexing well and improves positions. There should be links from the main page of the store, and it is better to create a “site map” from where these links will go. For example, on groups of goods: women’s clothing, autumn clothes, shoes, etc. Perelinkovka should be between the descriptions of the goods themselves.

Internal optimization is important, but not without external. The more sources referring to the store, the more authoritative it looks in the eyes of search engines. Do not skimp. For effective external optimization, you should place links on sites with high ratings. Just because no one wants to host a link to an online store. So you have to pay for it. Platform for accommodation can be found at Miralinks.

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Potential buyers are Internet users. Therefore, it is necessary to attract their attention through the Internet, placing advertising on the network. You can use free message boards or post ads on forums and social networks. And you can choose a more effective method – paid advertising. For example, via Yandex.Direct.

By promoting the online store should be approached with all the responsibility, because it is from this directly depends on profit.

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