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For twenty years, there has been AN intensive development of the search market. this can be because of the actual fact that a lot of and a lot of folks area unit commencing to use the services of the world network. Development, of course, didn’t go ignored by the business, that is intensively moving online.

Search engines have contended a key role during this issue. The monthly audience of world giants passes for a billion guests. during this association, a replacement service sector is developing effectively – program optimization. this can be a field of activity that promotes websites in search engines.

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The main goal is to enhance the position of the resource in program results. this enables you to extend website traffic, similarly as improve the conversion and increase sales. Search engines don’t enable this state of affairs, because it violates the natural look of the problem.

Search engines managed to try and do the impossible: to gather and classify all sites of the world internet.

That is why these services area unit thus standard among users. The principle of operation of search engines consists of 3 stages: classification, analysis, and ranking.

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It is dole out by a mechanism that scans new sites and copies them into the info. web site classification is feasible in many ways: the positioning will be supplemental to go looking results or a link will be placed on another resource. within the latter case, the mechanism can sight the new website address and index it.

Indexing is AN unstable method and depends on several factors. for instance, the technical condition of the site: if there area unit sure issues with the supply of the resource, then its classification is also desecrated.

There is a separate sort of robots – fastness, that instantly index the positioning. The quicker the page is indexed, the earlier it’ll seem within the issue.

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The further analysis takes place, throughout that the inner and external factors of the positioning area unit evaluated. is usually|this can be} wherever the problem of the long-term position is often resolved.

If the positioning doesn’t meet the standards, it’ll follow the trail of filters and sanctions. This area unit restrictive measures that create the positioning less standard for guests.

The following reasons typically end in sanctions:

violation of keyword density (re-spam);
search engine manipulation (cheating);
low-quality content (text wrappers);
advertising (many several banners on the site).
This is the foremost necessary stage for the U.S.A., that determines the position of the positioning within the search results.

This method overlaps with analysis. Sites area unit hierarchical in step with factors: reference, textual, behavioral.

High positions enable you to draw in a bigger variety of target and paying customers UN agency should purchase merchandise, order services and click on advertisements.

In the interests of the optimizer, to enhance the ranking factors in order that the positioning is higher within the search results. however, this could be tired such the way to avoid the imposition of filters and sanctions.

Thus, program optimization examines the options of ranking sites and develops ways of influence on search engines.

The rules of search engines don’t interdict the utilization of optimization activities, however, a number of them area unit still not allowed.

For example, it’s tabu to unnaturally influence the reference mass or increase the concentration of search phrases within the text. Allowed to use code optimization, usability, and text.

Despite the actual fact that there’s a continuing battle between search engines and optimizers, the standard of the problem solely grows, and this solely intensifies the expansion of the search market.

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