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Promotion is a natural process. This is not a luxury, but a necessity dictated by the conditions of the modern Internet. The process of promotion of the project, launched only once, no longer stops throughout the lifetime of the site.

Why is it so important to continue the promotion? Why it is impossible to stop on the certain reached result? Yes, because daily competition on the Net in a matter of weeks will ruin a site that has stopped developing. Visitors do not favor the “frozen” projects with their attention, competitors force them out of the leading positions, and search robots are less and less looking for updates that are not found.

Website promotion is a natural state of a normal web resource, which claims to be highly visited. Another thing is how this promotion is implemented, what techniques and methods are used, what money is spent, what goals are pursued.You can also hire seo consultant in Los Angelos

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The path to high site traffic often takes a lot of time and effort from the optimizer. In the first days of life, a virtual project needs intensive attention and tireless work on all the most important parameters.

A little later, when the resource receives regular readers, the level of effort can be reduced to periodic analysis, regular updates, general technical and information support.

At the initial stage of development, the website owner has only 2 ways:

paid, but fast;
free but long term.
Regarding paid promotion, everything is more or less clear. Enough to hire experienced professionals and pay them money for the full range of necessary work. If we talk about free promotion, then there are many questions that need explanations and clear instructions.

How this free website promotion is made, we will describe in this article. After all, the topic is really relevant and is in great demand among beginners.

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If a novice webmaster does not have the funds to pay for the services of specialists, his choice in favor of free promotion becomes obvious and the only one. The first thing to start here is adding a new web project to the search engines.

Adding a site is made through a special form that is identical in all search engines. All this work does not require cash infusions at all, it allows you to add a resource to the index of the largest search services for free.

The second step is to consider adding a web site to the so-called “white” site directories. Most of these operations are completely free. The maximum that may be required from a webmaster is to place back links to directories, but this does not cause any problems.

The most important thing in working with catalogs is to correctly indicate the category of the resource, its thematic focus, to make an original description. The result will be increased visibility of the site on the web and, quite possibly, a certain amount of thematic traffic.

At the next stage of free promotion, it will be useful to register the web project in the largest bookmarking services. Such services are similar to the catalogs of sites and allow the free addition of a new web resource. From the project owner here is required:

specify the name of the virtual site;
create a unique description;
enter the site URL.
A similar procedure can be done completely free of charge with bulletin boards, which are often visited by targeted visitors. The main thing is to report about the new project to as many people as possible so that it does not cause irritation, does not look like spam.

Preference is given here to manual work, and any automated software is rejected as potentially dangerous.

In the field of free promotion, it will also be useful to acquire thematic pages on social networks. For this, it is enough that in each social service the site being promoted has a thematic community, a group that unites the target audience.

Since the technology of promotion in social networks can be implemented free of charge, it is perfect for low-budget and new sites.

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In addition, for free you can:

post links from blog comments;
leave links in profiles, signatures and messages of thematic forums;
advertise the resource in videos on YouTube;
publish unique articles with links to article directories;
exchange links with projects of similar subjects;
agree on a free posting of articles on the same young sites that need unique content;
make reviews of interesting websites and get back references;
create prerequisites for the natural growth of the reference mass;
add social bookmarks and networks buttons to all resource pages;
to offer interesting news to thematic communities and groups in social networks;
conduct internal content optimization;
implement linking, which will contribute to the promotion;
apply for participation in rating systems;
share links with colleagues, friends and relative ami;
organize the collection of subscription base and launch the newsletter;
simplify the process of tracking news with RSS;
make a separate blog, chat, forum within the project;
to fill the resource with such materials that the target audience wants to share;
offer visitors useful services and services that are not available at other sites;

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1. For free promotion will take time and personal participation webmasters.

2. Free promotion loses meaning if you do not control its effectiveness.

3. All free procedures should be thoroughly tested and analyzed.

4. You should be especially careful with dubious methods of free promotion, with any automatic services, with all kinds of runs and techniques bordering on spam.

5. Free ways to promote better to combine. You can not stop in one direction. Site promotion is a process, not a one-time action.

6. If the webmaster does not want to pay, he should learn to wait.

7. Effective free promotion is unthinkable without the desire for learning and new knowledge.

8. It is impossible to count on too high efficiency of free promotion.

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