2018 Online casino trends

2018 Online casino trends

The virtual reality
VR technologies (virtual reality) are increasingly penetrating online casinos. In 2017, a number of sites have already introduced and tested these innovations, which have proven themselves in the best possible way. The trends in price reduction, popularity and mass availability of VR gadgets suggest that now for gaming projects it’s time to invest in virtual reality.

Live games
The trend of live games (live dealer games) will continue to evolve. And what happened before 2018 can soon be called only trial steps.

The popularity of live games will grow rapidly with the development of virtual reality technology. Providers plan to open new studios for broadcasting game processes in real time, expand the list of games, improve the functionality of the software and introduce new technologies.

Skill games
Skill-based games, where the outcome depends on strategy, will become even more popular. Among online players, there is a growing percentage of those who rely not only on luck in gambling. These sentiments have long been revealed by marketers, and a number of providers last year already announced the development of platforms combining games with a set of strategies.

Also, this concept is known as gamification (from the English. Gamification). This is the use of game thinking and game dynamics to engage the audience in the process and solve marketing problems. New missions and goals, exciting competitions and rewards, special bonus programs – all to attract players in the face of fierce competition – this promises to become a trend in 2018.


Non-game content
Online casinos want to keep players  on their sites. If earlier gambling grounds were limited to chat rooms, then this year it is expected to increase such entertainment content as popular films, series, TV shows, music videos, etc. The plot detailing of slots will also be greatly developed.

Big data
Big data technologies that collect and store large amounts of data will also be in trend. The amount of information with the growth of the industry increases exponentially. A system that allows it to sort and analyze, will provide an opportunity to effectively adapt the game to the needs of the target audience.


Mergers and Acquisitions
Due to the rapid development, according to forecasts, by 2020 the volume of the gambling market will exceed $ 60 billion. Therefore, in 2018 the trend will be the consolidation of gambling companies and their capital.

To attract and retain players will be used new features. With the development of the mobile Internet and smartphones, social networks and traditional telephone communication tools have been replaced by instant messengers.

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The progress of cryptocurrency will only intensify this year. Complete anonymity, convenience and ease of payments, minimal commissions and the absence of legislative prohibitions will make them one of the most popular means of payment in online sweepstakes software gambling.

In addition to bitcoin (bitcoin), cryptocurrencies with maximum capitalization such as litecoin, ethereum (ethereum), dogcoin (dogecoin), zekesh (zcash), monero (monero), dash (dash), ripple will also be used on gambling sites. (ripple) and others.

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