Best Gaming Desks For 2018

Finding the Best Gaming Desk for the ideal PC gaming setup is essential and in many cases overlooked as a part of the ascension to PC gaming . If you enjoy sitting in your gaming chair at your desk, spending your time playing your favorite FPS using your gaming mouse on your 4k monitor,  with smooth-frame rates that only gaming PC’s can offer, why not combine it with the best desks for gaming and make your experience complete.

We have already done the ground work scouring the Internet to find the best choices that suit both your full-sized tower and living space. Here are 6 of the top computer desks designed for gaming to match up to all types of budgets.


1. 60″ Adjustable Height Stand Up Desk

60 Inch Adjustable Height Stand Up PC Desk

If you are in search of a setup that transforms into a standing gaming PC desk and you are not too concerned about using a bit of elbow grease, so you can raise it down and up, this may be your ideal desk. At an impressive $259, this desk is a lot more affordable than the majority of the convertible desks as it is not motorized. This allows you to position the desk anywhere that you like, and the teak top and black frame add a stylish appeal.


2. Bell’O – Curved Glass Top Desk

Bell O Curved Glass Top Gaming Desk

These desks combine wood, metal and glass that achieves an extremely attractive design. It is the desk type you are more likely to view at the fancy “Bay Area” for a “tech start-up”, before closing down. This desk features a keyboard-tray in the desk from the Bell’O that slides in-and-out and the neat cable-management channel that runs up the center. The frame is constructed out steel which means it is durable along with tempered glass. The desk is attractive, functional and sturdy.


3. The OSP Designs Prado – Complete L-Workstation

OSP Designs Prado Complete L Workstation Gamer Desks

PC gaming desks don’t always need to be extravagant or flashy and the L-Workstation offers a simple yet elegant L-shaped design. This shape allows for a way to install your extension on the side that you prefer, which means you can reach what you need with ease, whether you are left or right handed. You can also purchase an additional cabinet that you can use underneath the area of the main desk. It is the ideal setup for a desktop which is your main space with a printer or laptop on one side with a figurine collection.


4. ApexDesk Elite Series Height Adjustable Standing Desk

ApexDesk Elite Series Height Adjustable Standing Desk

In some cases, you may prefer a good desk for gamers where you can stretch out your legs and studies have shown that sitting for extended periods of time is not great for one’s health. However, with the Apex Elite this issue is solved because you are able to convert to the standing-platform using a simple push of a button. The desk is 71″ across, which offers ample space for your battle-station and the top and the desk can hold a weight of up to 235lbs.


5. Atlantic Gaming Desk

Atlantic Gaming Desk

Push aside any thoughts that you may have had on what you actually know about the best PC desks for gaming, because this desk disrupts the desk industry with its clever use-of-space and wireframe design. Consider this situation: you are playing a PC game with a costly RGB keyboard and mouse, but you find that you are dying for a drink. Does this sound familiar?

If you are wise enough to not risk destroying your expensive gaming equipment by spilling a drink by accident, the Atlantic desk offers a clever way to store your drink far from any expensive or sensitive electronics. This desk also provides storage for your headset on one of the sides of the desk.


6. Arozzi Arena

Arozzi Arena Best Gaming PC Desks

This is a top gaming desk that is perfect for the people that rock a number of monitors at the same time, offering you with ample space to run 2 to 3 panels at the same time. The desk is 31″ deep, which means you still have the space to store your keyboard at a convenient spot along with space for your monitors.

The Arozzi Arena also comes with a mouse-pad surface, which means you will also have enough room for a mouse. This desk is a bit more costly at $450 and is the desk type you can purchase and never have to worry about upgrading again. These desks come in a variety of leg colors that include lime green, white, black and white.