Best Gaming Keyboards For 2018

Best Gaming Keyboard
When you start to piece out your new gaming PC, that will make your friends envious, you have probably put much thought into selecting the very best processor and graphics card. But, have you ever considered toping all of the fast boot times and shiny graphics alongside the very best in a gaming keyboard? A high-performance keyboard will increase your personal gaming performance and there is a definite “je ne sais quoi” about owning a RGB-lit keyboard that lights up your room. If you are looking for more specific ergonomic keyboards or mechanical keyboards you can read our other pages for them.
Here is our list of the top 10 gaming boards available on the markets today. We have not only focused on the high-end models, we have also accounted for the value on each of the MLG typewriters. Each of these keyboards on our list have all been reviewed or tested and ranked by only us.

1. Logitech G413 Carbon

Designed for its actuation point of just 1.5mm which is lightning fast, the G413 Carbon is a good keyboard for gaming. This is a mechanical monster and is truly defined by its affordable price tag along with the use of the Logitech Romer-G switches that have been proven to be an equal contender to the ones made by Cherry. This keyboard also sports a very low-profile, due to the just about silent keys and magnesium-alloy frame.

2. Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2

If you are looking for good gaming keyboards that will match up to your other Chroma-lit accessories, then this is definitely the one you have been in search of. The Chroma V2 carries a balance that is equal when it comes to performance and comfort, but has managed to progress a couple of steps further in this process. Razer has managed to tack on 5 macro keys which you are able to assign to just about any of the in-game action, and the V2 supports more than 16.8 million colors in regard to LED lighting.

3. HyperX Alloy Elite

This keyboard carries on from the Kingston’s 1st HyperX-branded PC keyboards, which is namely the HyperX Alloy Elite and HyperX Alloy FPS which was tweaked as this company’s 1st winning keyboard that offers only a couple of subtle changes. For just $10 more compared to the predecessor, you receive a light-bar, media keys and a comfortable palm-rest, which was all previously absent. You can also look forward to a few delightful treats, which makes for a valuable proposition you shouldn’t ignore.

4. Topre Realforce RGB

The RGB happens to be one of those multi-talented keyboards that is fantastic to use for typing in association to the capacitive Topre key-switches that provide the high-class tactile feedback when you compare it to the Cherry MX equivalents. These keyboards boast PBT keycaps of high-quality and a depth from 1.5mm onto 3mm. The RGB is one of those highly versatile keyboards that match up to any task you require of it.

5. Cosair K95 RGB Platinum

Similar to the Cosair K70 Rapidfire that came before it, the Cosair K95 RGB is one of the first gaming mechanical keyboards with loads of versatility to get any job done. This monster even offers 8MB of memory that is dedicated for storing of the profiles of the 6 macro keys. These keyboards are backlit by an astounding 16.8 million colors, and is also the ideal travel mate, which is made even better by the military-grade aluminum finish that includes a wrist rest.

6. Razer Ornata

There has been a definite divide for way to long between the membrane and mechanical keys. But Razer has managed to finally bring these together with the “Mecha-Membrane” keyboard. The latest switches pull everything from what Razer has managed to learn throughout the years. This has resulted in a superior typing experience along with a more tactile feel, and shorter keys derived from the “Black Widow”- X Chroma along with loud audible clicks.

7. Cherry MX Board 6.0

The Cherry MX Board 6.0, defined by its extremely fast response-times, is well-known for its Cherry MX Red switches, which lends to the model and make. However, the keys are close together but they are great for typing over and above gaming. In addition, the keyboard is housed inside an attractive aluminum chassis along with the blood-red key lighting that makes the keyboard deliciously ominous.

8. Logitech G810

Featuring Logitech’s very own Romer G switches that are not as soft and squishy as the various Cherry switches, the Logitech G810 owns a more snappier feel when compared to the other types of top gaming keyboards regardless of whether you are gaming or typing. The smart-media keys also work just as well in MacOS or Windows, these boards offer a really all-round solid offering. If you are tired of the strange markings, the LCD screens and other strange parts that are renowned with the game-focused competing keyboards, the G810 may just be the keyboard for you.

9. SteelSeries Apex M500

Not like the majority of the keyboards for gaming within this class, the Apex M500 really gets down to the real point by omitting any unnecessary additives in association to discrete media-controls and RGB lighting to rather favor a more compact design which doesn’t waste any space. Even though this one doesn’t allow you to choose the key switches that progress beyond the traditional Cherry MX Blues and Reds, this is a favorable option for the mechanical keyboards within these price ranges.

10. Cougar Attack X3 RGB

The X3 RGB offers a highly rugged and durable aluminum body, it is regarded as a top gaming PC keyboard that you are able to purchase on a shoe string budget. This one comes with the Cherry MX-switches along with RGB backlighting which you can customize to light up around 16.8 million-colors. These keyboards is regarded as one of the most affordable options when considering that it is far off from the price-tag of a “Razer BlackWidow Chroma V2.” It also features the 1,000Hz polling-rate as a mere bonus.