Best Gaming Monitors For 2018

With the best gaming monitor, PC gaming can bring about the most exciting and unforgettable experiences to the avid gamer. Aside from a powerful computer and a decent graphics card, you need the right monitor to enjoy it all. Some of the top monitors for gaming out there are capable of reproducing excellent graphics for the best experience. Having the wrong display can however ruin your experience, which is why you need to invest your money wisely.

Monitors for PC gaming are a lot different from typical monitors found in offices and home setups. For instance, PC gaming monitors have higher refresh rates, provide razor-sharp reflexes, and take very little time to respond. A good one however, will support higher resolutions for a beautiful and more detailed image while gaming. Some of these have features such as the 4k Ultra HD display. This feature enables one to see even the finest detail in whatever games one is playing. In addition to this, the response time in these monitors is simply, amazing. Outlined below are some of the recommended and best you should invest in.


1. The Ultra Wide AOC Agon AG352UCG Monitor


The Agon AG352UCG has a 21.9 AMVA panel capable of 3440 x 1440 resolution, hence considered one of the best gaming monitors at the moment. It also happens to be with G-Sync capabilities, meaning it can be paired with high-end NVidia graphics cards which eliminate screen tearing while minimizing stress to your gaming hardware.

The Agon AG352UCG is your best bet for fast-paced games such as Lawbreakers and Overwatch that require high-performance graphics cards and monitors. This achieves better response times with significantly lower latency when compared to its closest rivals. Such high end features however come at a price. The ultra-wide Agon AG352UCG is quite pricey and bulky. It weighs a little under 12kgs (26 pounds). You’ll need a good quality and sturdy desk to support this weight.


2. BenQ PD3200U 4K Monitor


The BenQ PD3200U 4K Monitor was specially designed for CAD professionals and businesses that require higher graphics output. This however doesn’t mean the avid gamer cannot invest in the BenQ PD3200U. One of the advantages of owning this monitor is that it offers phenomenal viewing angles and clarity too. You don’t really need to keep switching positions to see everything clearly.

Unlike most 4k gaming monitors on the market today, the BenQ PD3200U comes specially prepared and calibrated by BenQ to produce the best picture possible. You generally have to play around with picture settings on other 4K screens to get the right image quality. For under $800, you get to own this fantastic product without sacrificing on both size and quality. The BenQ PD3200U comes standard at 32″, making it one of the largest gaming monitors there is.


3. Asus MG248Q 144Hz Screen


The Asus MG248Q is a pocket-friendly gaming PC monitor capable or reproducing 1080p. Like any other budget monitor, this screen uses the twisted-nematic (TN) panel as compared to the much better IPS panel. Nonetheless, the Asus MG248Q makes up for the shortcomings by providing adaptive sync and lightning fast response time features that have earned it the top place in the world of budget gaming monitors.

Adaptive-Sync is a widely sought out feature by most gamers today. This feature reduces screen tearing (for AMD graphics cards) hence providing optimal performance on a budget monitor. The 144Hz refresh rate will also wow gamers using NVidia graphics cards. This product also comes in handy for basic gamers with low-end graphics cards installed in their machines. You could even save more money with the Asus ROG Swift PG248G with G-Sync features.


4. BenQ Zowie XL2540


The XL2540 is a commonly underestimated monitor for gamers. Although many may not believe this, the BenQ Zowie XL2540 comes with virtually all the gaming features other have. In addition to this, it prides itself with a zippy 1ms response time and 240 Hz refresh rate. Its lighting effects are however on the lower side.

The XL2540 isn’t bundled with advanced features such as FreeSync or G-sync. These however do not make much of a difference if one has the right rig. Moreover, the monitor enables users to select lots of visual presets, and even an ‘S switch’ pod for navigating through all these presets with ease. You can therefore adjust screen brightness to suit your needs with this control feature. Most professional gamers will go for this rig.


5. Samsung CHG90 QLED


The Samsung CHG90 is one of the largest there is on the market at approximately 50 inches. The ultrawide gaming monitor boasts of 3840 x 1080 resolution using QLED technology for reasonable energy consumption. You will need a reasonably large desk and lots of space to have this in at your station. Picture quality is also improved significantly thanks to the HDR technology used.

The 49.5-inch screen provides you with lots of screen real estate that can be used for multitasking. You can work on documents, browser, and even watch a movie on the same screen without the need to minimize any. Such high-end features and size however come at a cost. The Samsung CHG90 QLED is quite pricey, though worth every penny.


6. Alienware 25


The Alienware 25 is top of its class in terms of features. This monitor comes in handy in both standard PCs with low-end GPU to those equipped with high-end graphics cards. The best thing about this is it supports both AMD FreeSync and G-Sync, hence supporting both words. The Alienware 25 can be configured to use both types of GPUs without much ado, and still deliver crystal clear images.

This one comes complete with AlienFX RGB features and an exotic design as well. Some of these features are only native to Dell rigs. It also offers a smooth 240 Hz refresh rate giving you the optimal performance you need in terms of gaming graphics.


7. Asus ROG Swift PG248Q


If you prefer response time to resolution or graphics, then the ROG Swift PG248Q is the screen for you. This screen boasts of a more than 60fps and is also capable of tripling that depending on the game specifics and needs. The monitor can handle any speed related stress without complaining thanks to the extra-high frame rate support and 180Hz refresh rate.

Although some games such as The Witcher 3 may not support 180fps, the higher refresh rate is a welcome feature for fast-paced competition games. You also get to enjoy ultra-high definition pictures even at top speeds in racing games. This rig also comes with G-sync support, hence a handy monitor for smooth screen images (no screen tearing).


8. LG 34UC79G-B


This monitor is specially designed for those running on Intel-based and AMD graphics. It provides an ultra-wide display with little to no screen tearing. The LG 34UC79G-B comes equipped with AMD FreeSync for better image reproduction at 34inches. At 21.9 screen ratio, the screen is best suited for playing games and cinema too.

The LG 34UC79G-B reproduces stunning color with an amazing accuracy hence pulling off crisp images despite the much lower resolution. Users can also adjust display height for better viewing especially for games that don’t necessarily need wide screens. The same cannot however be said for most of the 4K monitors for gaming available today.