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How to create a wireless charging for the iPhone

How to create a wireless charging for the iPhone roll in the hay yourself No one will say as expected whether or not the long-term iPhone is going to be equipped with wireless charging. Apple technology users are looking forward to this practicality for over a year, however, nothing has modified. don’t anticipate the discharge […]

How to fix flooded iPhone 6 Plus screen

Screen repair In the case of prolonged immersion in water, the iPhone screen can be seriously damaged, and further work will require costly replacement matrix. However, in our case, this was avoided by limiting the restoration of the sensor. What To Do If You Drop Your IPhone In Water? IPhone 6 Plus Screen To restore […]

How to fix flooded iPhone 6 Plus

Probably, it is especially insulting to drop into the water or accidentally leave in the bathroom a new iPhone 6 Plus. In any case, it is too early to look for money on a new smartphone, because many of the filled-in iPhones are amenable to repair, and not always expensive. Specialists of the service center […]

Replacing the motor shakes Apple iPhone 5

Hello, today we will change the motor of shakes from Apple iPhone 5 For this we will need: a 3.6mm pentalob screwdriver, a 1.6mm Phillips screwdriver (sucker), a plastic opening tool, a slotted screwdriver. Related topic : İphone not charging Step 1: unscrew the two lower bolts with a penknit screwdriver Step 2: remove the […]

İphone 7 screen replacement

IPhone 7 Self-Replacement Algorithm If this does not scare you, and, most importantly, you managed to find a suitable donor (or a new part), you can try to install it yourself. There is nothing extra-complicated about it. Disassemble the sealed iPhone 7 is a bit more complicated than its predecessors, since his joints are taped […]

How to clean Iphone charging port

How to clean Iphone charging port There are many instructions on the Internet for cleaning the iPhone charging port, but many of them are tied up with compressed air. But Apple recommends not to do this. Fortunately, this procedure does not require any major costs. Learn about : How to BACK UP YOUR IPHONE DATA Here is […]