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Top 4 Student Loan Mistakes in 20s

So, if you are one of many people at the age of 20 who take out student loans, make sure you avoid the following four big student loan mistakes so you can enjoy your 20 years and not be burdened with too much debt when you graduate 1. Not realizing your credit balance When I […]

Dream vacation and paying off a debt

Icelandic stunning geothermic Blue Laguna. Sunsets on the beaches of Brazil. design and music of the European nation. Art and food of the European nation. What do they need in common? This area unit a number of my favorite recollections of traveling around the world. Despite the very fact that I’m willing to pay the […]

Guide To Paying Student Loans

As another academic year ends, students end their way and get into the “real world.” This creates a feeling of excitement and adventure, ready to start the next chapter. But one area that is not so exciting? Payment of student loans. Most student loan providers offer a six-month grace period before sending their first account […]

All about Student Loan Consolidation

A Direct Consolidation Loan could be a government loan program sponsored by the Department of Education, that helps student loan borrowers consolidate multiple federal education loans into a replacement direct consolidation loan. The word “consolidation” is hard in itself, thus here’s however the method truly works… when your application to the Direct Consolidation Loan program is approved, the Department of Education problemsyou a replacement federal education loan, and pays your existing federal […]

Student Loan Repayment Myths

Myth number 1: Borrowers can not issue student loans through bankruptcy Reality: the release of student loans through bankruptcy is not automatic or easy, but this is far from impossible. You heard it before, right? The media loves to play the drama that borrowers are stuck with student loans, and there is no way out, […]